The Role of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations in the Conservation of Fish Stocks

The Role of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations in the Conservation of Fish Stocks. The essay is to be 22 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the Agreement came into effect on 4 August 1995 for the conservation and management of straddling fish stock, and highly migratory fish stocks. Part VII of the Agreement deals with living resources of the high seas through Article 116, Article 117, Article 118, Article 119 and Article 120. Before delving deep into the functions of the fisheries management organizations it is of great concern to know what the UNCLOS Articles state on the role of the regional fishery management organizations.

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The Role of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations in the Conservation of Fish Stocks
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Under Article117, the concerned state has a responsibility to follow with regard to its citizens assess for management of the marine resources of the high seas. Cooperation with other states in this regard is central to the conservation of marine resources on the high seas (UNCLOS).

Under Article 118, the spirit of Article 117 is taken ahead through cooperation states shall take fresh steps and enter into accords with other states for commercially using the similar water resources or dissimilar water resources on the same region with the purpose of conserving the water resources. It is the responsibility of the states to set up regional or sub-regional fisheries organisations (UNCLOS).

(a) found suitable as based on scientific knowledge on which the concerned states can depend upon for preserving the fish populations of cropped species at standards that ensure long-term production as based on suitable environmental and economic considerations, particularly of the developing countries, considering the fishing methods at all levels of fishing – regional, sub-regional and international.

(b) States pay attention to the impact on the species related to or relying on harvested species with the aim of preserving fish populations of such related or relying on species beyond limits at which their populations could not be increased through breeding.

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