The Role of e-Marketing in Customer Retention

A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and British Organisations. Write a 2000 word paper answering; As far as this piece of research is concerned, research problems are explained below. Research Problems Any research regarding e-marketing may be considered very important as today hundreds and thousands of products are being sold through this method. Billions of dollars are invested by the organisations to make their e-marketing efforts successful. As the world becomes more and more dependent on the electronic gadgets, companies have to give more and more attention to the aspects of e-marketing. Now organisations belong to different countries have different work culture and hence different point of view towards adopting and applying any marketing tool as a strategic weapon. In the past, researches have been conducted to find out the overall scenario regarding e-marketing in a particular nation. For instance, Octane Marketing Pvt Ltd has recently revealed a research report where clear picture of e-marketing is provided in the context of Indian market (Octane Marketing PVT Ltd, 2011). However, it does not specifically address the effectiveness of e-marketing in the process of retaining customers. Several researches have been conducted in the past keeping customer retention as a separate topic rather than associating it with the aspects of e-marketing. For instance, in 2006 a research report was published by European Journal of Marketing and the title was ‘customer retention management processes’ (Ang, &amp. Buttle, 2006).In this research, the principle objective was to recognize the relationship between various management processes like customer retention budgets and customer retention outcomes. So, it is quite clear that there is enough vacant space for carrying out a research on the role of e-marketing in the customer retention process.

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 The Role of e-Marketing in Customer Retention
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