The Results of the Irish Economy

Country Enterprise Boards are established for the promotion of enterprise culture at the local level and the creation of a range of enterprise-related projects at the micro-level. For job creation, the ‘social dialogue’ approach is adopted. The Irish culture has taken thousands of years to develop, so the people of Ireland cherish every moment of the cultural discovery. They are proud of their cultural traditions and make sincere efforts to maintain and develop it. The Department of Irish Folklore at University College Dublin has over 100,000 tales, myths, and legends on record. This is the single largest collection of its kind in the world.

The results of the Irish economy are encouraging and the international community has acknowledged its achievements. Human resource development is one of the top issues engaging the attention of the government. The cooperation between the State and the private enterprises is run on well-defined principles in the overall interests of the nation.

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The Results of the Irish Economy
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Notwithstanding the above positive indicators, the unemployment problem is acute in Ireland. It is estimated around 20% of the labor force. The effect of additional jobs created is nullified as more and more young persons and married women seek employment. Immigration is also a contributing factor. Actually, the social welfare benefits available to unemployed persons have proved to be counter-productive to employment creation.

A unique feature of the Irish economic and social fabric is the national level coordination between Government and social partners like employee organizations, trade unions, and farming community. Major economic work and social groupings have common national objectives. The employers consider it their duty to provide development opportunities and training for their staff both at the managerial and employee levels. Some of the trade unions have become centers of excellence, which is an indication of the proactive approach.

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