The Research Evidence on Managerial Work.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Research Evidence on Managerial Work. The end result has to be a single goal, one that drives their efforts towards the financial success of the said organization. In doing so, the manager encounters a lot of hindrances, difficulties, and hurdles. He has to be accountable to the public of the organization, which could include the customers and the stakeholders as well since the latter are the people who have invested within the company’s shares and they want a quick buck out of the whole investment drive. (Guarrero, 1998)

This could include his leadership traits, his team-building tactics, getting the work done out of individuals who might have pretty different backgrounds and diverse educational capabilities, smoothening of the whole process of business management within several units spread across the company’s horizon, motivating the employees and being accountable for their tasks and activities, living up to the values of the organization.

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The Research Evidence on Managerial Work.
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The role of a manager is one that evolves over a period of time and the pivotal thing here is to fathom that this is something which requires a balanced head on the shoulders and more than anything else a clear vision, deep insight into the relevant knowledge circles and expertise to back them all up. The manager focuses on the strong points that the employees have learned from their past colleagues and best-case examples are also something that they can touch upon in the long run. This provides insight and understanding about their mannerisms in which they tackled pressure and faced external factors which can come right into the face of a manager at any time possible. (Rahim, 2001) The attributes and characteristics of a true manager include his understanding of the situation, coming to terms with the pressures that he is going to face, taking short term objectives in the longer scheme of things, making the short term goals attainable in the whole equation and understanding that the long term strategy is only attainable once the short term goals are fulfilled.

The manager has to make sure that he understands the deep-rooted values of the organization and the same cannot be compromised no matter what happens.

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