The Representation of Business in Erin Brockovich (2000) and Other Peoples Money (1991).

The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Despite the focus of both films on this idea, they present very different attitudes about business, how it functions and the way it impacts society.

Erin Brockovich presents business, not independently, but with relation to the environment and context in which it operates. The film delays this representation and analysis of business in order to first construct a ‘standard’, a view of society in its normal working order against which business and its role can be considered. Hence the initial events of the film are concerned with establishing a picture of society, engaging with, and using the character of Erin Brockovich to do so. The film opens with a close-up of the heroine’s face, a classic cinematic technique used to create empathy for the character. More opportunities ensue for the audience to engage and empathize with Erin, from her status as an unemployed, struggling mother of three, to her car accident injury and the unjust conclusion. Whilst being a member of the community, and later coming to represent it in her investigations, she is simultaneously awkwardly outcast. Erin is victimized and stereotyped in the courtroom, rejected time and again by employers, and on finding a job, is shunned by the women in the office. Throughout the film, the audience is asked to engage with the central character in her plight for justice and truth and this is cleverly aided by the restricted narration that runs throughout the film. The audience is granted access to information in the plot only when it is revealed by, and to, the heroine. The audience is not the ‘omniscient’, all-seeing the audience of some blockbuster films, and because of this, the audience becomes involved in the plot. They too are the investigators, the curious, and are positioned by this device to relate directly to Erin Brockovich. Her family-oriented values demonstrated in the claim ‘I just want to be a good mother’, and in the recurring family scenes&nbsp.are central to the film’s messages and she represents the community in these ideologies which are shared by the families she visits in the later scenes.&nbsp.

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The Representation of Business in Erin Brockovich (2000) and Other Peoples Money (1991).
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