The Report for the Task.

Metal direct places prices on the basis of the daily stock price for silver while Rooksons considers a fixed price for silver that is reviewed quarterly. By offering to work on the basis of a fixed price for silver, which is reviewed on a quarterly basis, Rooksons presents a better deal.

According to the survey the company carried out of 200 adult travelers while on the system at peak times, the major factors that may influence how safe customers feel when travelling on the service include:

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The Report for the Task.
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Of the three factors. travel time, number of people travelling together (trips) and reliability, only the number of people travelling together (trips) has an association with ratings of safety on the system.

The estimated safety/ the rating likely to be given by a customer, who has travelled for 23 minutes, made 36 trips in the last month and gave a score of 6 for reliability is computed to be 5.252. The forecasts on safety ratings from the model are likely to be more reliable if the numbers of trips the respondents make using the system increases every month.  

The sales figures for the past thirty days reveal that Men’s Outlet Clothing is experiencing contractions in the business. There is no consistency in the increase of the company’s sales in the five weeks.

From the model, the sales figures are dependent on time. There is a significant negative relationship between the sales figures of the company and time. The sales figures of Men’s Outlet clothing reduce as days increase. The recent reduction in sales in the last thirty days can be attributed to time. A closer examination of the daily sales shows that the sales will be lower on Tuesday and Wednesday. The pattern is anticipated to remain the same in the coming weeks with the sales still being lower on Tuesday and Wednesday.

From the examination of the recent sales, there is no proof that there is any correlation between the low sales and the number of full-time sales staff.

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