The Reasons of Lying

I will pay for the following article The Reasons of Lying. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Lying often occurs in the communication process between individuals when one of the individuals has an interest in deceiving the other. It is very common that people will tell lies in order to produce false assumptions or false beliefs in their friends, families, peers or anyone with whom they communicate. According to Carson, this is the first and most important reason for lying, because individuals have in their nature the tendency to compete with each other, and thus lying can provide a relatively better position to one person against the other (48). Paul Faulkner, in his journal What Is Wrong with Lying, agrees with the view of Carson and states that one of the most common reasons for lying is to make the others believe that what they are told is true while in fact, it is false (536). Lying under the intention to deceive the listener can be viewed from different perspectives. &nbsp.lying to make the other person view a subject or an issue just like the person who is lying or lying in order to avoid the other person’s realization of the truth. For example, a child may lie to his or her parents in order to avoid punishment in case of misbehavior. the child will probably lie in that case by either avoiding telling the truth or telling a false story on the basis of avoiding the punishment. Alternatively, a girl can lie to her boyfriend by telling him that they need to get married because she is pregnant. in this case, the lie of the pregnancy is intended to deceive the other and make him adopt the girl’s perspective on the need for marriage.

&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. Lying can, however, also can be driven by the willingness of an individual to protect his or her listener from harm or injury. Paul Ekman believes that in many instances people are faced with the challenge to protect others from the truth which might be hurtful (1). Likewise, Fried, in his book Right and Wrong, suggests that, too often, human beings feel the need to tell lies in order to prevent their families or friends from being ‘harmed’ by an unbearable truth.

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