The Quiet Personality.

The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

For instance, the people with this personality trait are perceived to as assets by their team members. This is because they normally have the ability to absorb and process information in a better way to the team in order to help in solving problems of brainstorming and discussions to provide amicable solutions to their teams. During active discussions, however, these people tend not to contribute as their contributions may even be lost to the team.

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The Quiet Personality.
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&nbsp.To the individuals’ social behavior, the trait may make the person seem to be aloof, detached or just not team players. The individual may be perceived socially to be stupid or even not interested. Therefore, the person may attract only a few friends as others may tend to think that the person is non-sociable and likes keeping to him or herself. Such people are sometimes considered not friendly and they do not like noisy and disorderly places. On the interpersonal relationship, the individuals tend to seek for friendship mostly with those people of a similar ‘quiet’ personality trait. They spend most of their time busy reading or sleeping and like spending most of their time alone.

&nbsp.The trait seems to be closer to the undesirable end of the trait continuum as being too quiet can become dangerous at times. Therefore, for such individuals with such kind of traits, this needs to be identified so that they are involved in discussions by shutting down the verbal characters or the strong talkers. Since these types of people take time to process information before verbalizing it, if they are team members, they need to be given the topic in advance so that they may process the information in advance so that when they come to the time of discussion, they may contribute actively without any delay.

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