The Quality of Aircraft Traffic Control at Dubai International Airport.

This research tells that Dubai international airport, one of the largest growing airline hub in the Middle East established in order by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum in 1959 that days, the first airfield construction consists of runway, a terminal building and fire a station in the Al Garhoud area which was the edge of Dubai city back in 1960. The airport opened and started handling aircraft, expansion, and development of Dubai. Nowadays the airport has expanded and accommodates airline serving thousand destinations and the reveal of domestic airline and passenger growth in UAE make the Dubai geographic location airport one of the fastest growing major hubs and among the worlds top 5 airports in terms of international passenger and cargo traffic. With this expansion, there is a need to study the quality of traffic control and areas where improvements can be made. The research study will involve interviews, and questionnaire with air traffic control ATC and airport council ACL at Dubai airport and runway Maintenance Company survey and collect and analyze data through the author’s experience while working in fly emirates maintenance hangars will help me to gather information and idea inside and outside of the airport building. In this process of data collection, the researcher will design the questionnaires. Validated questionnaires from past research materials in books and the internet will be guides for designing the questionnaires. These questionnaires will be administered to thirty respondents randomly. While administering the questionnaires, the study group will be interviewed. The questions for the interviewee will be those in the questionnaire. This process will be able to countercheck the information in the questionnaires and also this will help further inform the respondents on the correct way to fill the questionnaire. This process will increase the validity of the data collected.

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The Quality of Aircraft Traffic Control at Dubai International Airport.
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