The Purpose of Schooling and the Merits of a Flexible Organisational Design.

 The purpose of schooling, however, is not in the pursuit of generating business-minded automatons with a variety of technical skills. The purpose is to promote evolution beyond the textbook-inspired lesson to create a harmonious system of lessons which encourage creativity, ingenuity, moral and ethical superiority as well as establishing a sense of community and humanistic advocacy.

The aforementioned aspects which define the purpose of schooling may appear to be rather complicated determinations in terms of carrying out educational responsibilities. Should the instructor be regarded as more than an administrator of various study domains and be expected to conform to the role of social mentor and psychological counsellor? In many respects, a competent instructor should be well-equipped with generic knowledge of what drives human motivation from a psychological perspective and understand the basic mechanics of social and group systems. Understanding the foundational personality and behavioural characteristics which might be expected from most students would likely create a connection which moves beyond that of simple instructor and attentive pupil relationships.

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The Purpose of Schooling and the Merits of a Flexible Organisational Design.
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Several authors offer their view of the educational system as one that “interacts with the external environment” and should be concerned with the needs of community citizens when developing an appropriate learning curriculum (Cheng, Ng & Mok, 2002: 19). This view recognises schooling as the provision of business and social outputs which must be congruent with the needs of the external environment. This view of schooling further supports the notion that appropriate schooling is derived of diversified instructors able to manage both academic learning and generic psychology to provide society with well-rounded professionals with a talent for personal restraint, job role creativity, a reinforced moral and ethical system as well as effective socialisation skills necessary to function competently in modern society.

Under the assessment that the purpose of schooling is to create an environment where promoting multiple learning (outside of the textbook) is&nbsp.the desired outcome, these demands would place considerable pressures on today’s educational faculty in regards to maintaining credentials in multiple disciplines of knowledge.&nbsp.

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