The Pros and Cons of Using Encryption as a Key Technological Solution to Corporate Security

I will pay for the following article The Pros and Cons of Using Encryption as a Key Technological Solution to Corporate Security. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Moreover, the encryption can be employed to offer high level security to e-mail, network communication, data and information stored on hard drives or any portable or mobile disks, as well as other information that necessitates safety (Cook, 2000). This paper discusses some of the main areas and aspects of encryption and its main applications, organizational implications and the evolution of old and current practices. Application of Encryption Encryption is technique of translation of information and data into a clandestine code. Additionally, the technique of encryption is the most efficient method to assure data security. In this way, to interpret an encrypted file, we should have access to a password or else secret key that facilitates us to decrypt it. Unencrypted information as well as data is known as plain text. hidden or encrypted data is known as cipher text (Webopedia, 2010). An unbelievable development of the Internet has energized companies as well as customers in a similar way through its assurance of altering the means we subsist and work. It is very simple to purchase and sell goods all through the world using a computer or laptop. However safety and security is a main distress on the Internet, particularly when we are utilizing it to transmit sensitive data and information among diverse groups of people (Tyson, 2010). In case of Encryption techniques we need to encrypt a huge number of secret information and data. For example in case of web based business or corporate data transfer we need some sort of sensitive and high value information like credit-card information, confidential communication, social security information, susceptible business details, personal details and bank-account information. In this scenario, the information security is offered on computers and over the Internet through a multiplicity of techniques. An easy and straightforward security technique is to simply put sensitive information on removable storage media similar to moveable pen drives or peripheral hard drives. However the majority well-liked types of safety the entire depend on encryption, the procedure of hiding and encoding data and information in such a manner that just the person (or computer) that has the decoding key is able to decode the message (Tyson, 2010). Evolution of Encryption In its first kind, people have been trying to hide certain data and information that they desired to keep in their own control through alternating parts of the information by means of signs, pictures as well as numbers. Earliest Babylonian merchants employed intaglio, a part of plane stone engraved into a collection of images as well as a number of writings to recognize them in trading matters. However, through this method, they are creating what these days we recognize as ‘digital signature.’ The people are acquainted with that a specific ‘signature’ having relation to this merchant, however just he had the intaglio to generate that specified signature.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Encryption as a Key Technological Solution to Corporate Security
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