The Property-Related Risks in Denison LMWI Property Trust.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Property-Related Risks in Denison LMWI Property Trust. It needs to be at least 2000 words. If the market environment will be favorable, the responsible entity may decide to put up for sale the property at any time during the term of the Trust. This is in support of its’ guiding philosophy which focuses on creating income from dynamic management, exploiting inadequacies and identifying strong developing markets. To achieve its guiding philosophy, the trust has set a number of objectives which include: to grant constant, tax-effective profits returns with precariousness from a distinct real estate asset, disburse quarterly distributions and create investment growth through planned property selection in addition to dynamic asset management, value-add opportunities and a flexible way out strategy (Denison LMWI 2009, P.4). The trust will be managed by directors and a senior management team of Denison LMWI Collectively who have a wealth of experience in most aspects of commercial real estate including funds management, asset management as well as the valuation, sales and leasing, property management and advisory.

In addition to establishing and managing property funds, the executive team has applied its expertise to all phases of property transactions: sourcing, selection, securing loan funding, acquisition, re-development or refurbishment, management, marketing, leasing and ultimately disposal. Both teams shall use their skills and expertise to actively handle the property, to augment the return rate and minimize risks. They will also be expected to put into operation certain growth tactics and suggest the sale of the property at an appropriate time to make the most of value for investors. Active and skilled property and asset management will be put into place to ensure that property assets maintain or increase their appeal to both tenants and investors.

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The Property-Related Risks in Denison LMWI Property Trust.
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