The problems north korea poses for contemporary east asia.

 The problems north korea poses for contemporary east asia. Justifiably, the country has been dealing with severe political problems that are affecting other nations of the Asian continent (Mervio 19-30).

There are various issues that North Korea is facing in the present day scenario which is affecting the entire nation along with the countries of the East Asian region in a comprehensive manner. In this regard, a few of the basic and the most crucial significant issues poses by North Korea for contemporary East Asia are the inability to suffice the daily requirements of the people, inhumane treatment and imbalance in the context of criminal justice system among others. It is worth mentioning in this similar context that the unstable political and social economic conditions of North Korea have certainly posed severe threats for the nations of East Asia by a certain extent. More importantly, it is the problem of the challenge of security tensions, which North Korea is dealing with (Borthwick 15-20).

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 The problems north korea poses for contemporary east asia.
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The country i.e. North Korea has initiated two of the most drastic nuclear programs in terms of magnitude. Likewise, it is ranked as the third largest in terms of its chemical weapon arsenal. Notably, the country has fired missiles such as Nodong and Taepodong to Asian countries like Japan and South Korea that certainly resulted in mass destruction. This can be duly considered as one of the negative impacts of the country imposed on the nations of East Asia. Lack of proper leadership in the country has also resulted in erupting major issues that affected the rapid pace of development of the East Asian nations and the global countries altogether. It will be vital to mention that the aspects including poverty, unstable economy and prevalence of improper legislative structures are deemed to be certain crucial issues that North Korea is dealing in this contemporary scenario. The problems of security in North Korea have been widely regarded as a threat to the&nbsp.countries of the East Asian regions along with the other international nations in the global paradigm.

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