The problem of evil: a dialogue

 The narrator: Father… why are you in the outside? I thought it would be fine if you were inside the room so that this candle could bring light into the room and scare aware insects… you know… things like that (I paused to allow him time to respond while he scrambled a seat for me to join him in the conversation).

John Hick: (While supporting his cheeks, he began): Little one, you are yet to live the length of time I have been breathing. That is why you may not be able to understand some of these things. To begin with, I’ve chosen my outhouse ostensibly to come to terms with what religion and science have in store for us humans.

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The problem of evil: a dialogue
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John Hicks: The house is artificial. it technically obfuscates my vision of nature. The symbols of science such as the planets, galaxies, the moon, darkness, chirping crickets, wind are more real to me here than when I’m inside the house. With these symbols of nature so true and real, I do entrust my religious faith with answers as to their origin, but in situations where I’m certain that religion is not providing me with the answers that I need, I refer to Science. However, my main worries stem from the competing theories. I’m technically lost for thought with regard to which side has all of the answers to nature. The narrator: (In an interjection). But, why don’t you just trust the theory of religion because you are a man of God? I mean, aren’t you a faithful priest? John Hicks: It is not that easy the way you think, my little friend. I must admit here before you that that the lines you are seeing on my face are evident enough of the crisis of faith I am facing. I mean what I have seen really has taken me back to the drawing board. to rethink the role of religion in society and in explaining nature. I’m technically split between the natural evil and moral evil. I surely cannot understand whether morality ever exists on this planet as far as unearthing what has become of mother-nature.

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