The Presidential Difference

Greenstein argues that the success of a given president is in the fate of the emotional intelligence. Bottom line series of judgments is accessible throughout the book and theories behind the success of certain presidents. George W. Bush presidency has a proper review of his two terms and the inclusion of President Barrack Obama style of leadership (Greenstein 29). Further expectations on the effects of this style on presidency and legacy are also of high consideration.

Greenstein focuses on presidential achievements for the sake of making each of them a hero and some surpassing others. He also argues that all the presidents’ leadership style is as a result of their economic position, upbringing and family links on a political system. The possibility of emotionally castigating those who are vulnerable and elevate those who are scrupulously low is because of this system. To stigmatize former presidents this writer utilizes dysfunctional families. The truth is that emotionally handicapped types of leaders were not in the office only at his time, but he uses psychological profiles to table a great view of national leaders to the reader. He also makes use of the same to throw dispersion on certain presidents.

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The Presidential Difference
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The author states that each modern president serves as an insight to reveal a distinct tone to this book. This insight utilizes both the strength and weakness of a particular president. The variations amongst all the president to the subject provides a correct advantage for comparisons and provides an allowance for the expansion of the responsibility sense. All of the presidents have a chronological coverage chapter wise. This permits the reader to skim through the book easily and read the materials for the president of interest. Despite this, the book’s content is of a perfect relation when reading from the beginning to the end in the subsequent analysis.

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