The Poetical Works Of John Keats.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Poetical Works Of John Keats. One of the early incidences that rocked his childhood was the early demise of his father, Thomas Keats who died in an accident while riding on a horse. These early tragedies and loss that dislocated Keats early childhood influenced Keats life and work (Poetry Foundation, 2014). Likewise, being orphaned at such a young age, with three dependent siblings to support, John was noted to have endured considerable difficulties that he had to overcome poverty and loneliness. As emphasized, these adversities allegedly contributed to his understanding of the role of the artist as the explorer of how art’s power can bring meaning and consolation to people’s suffering (Poetry Foundation, 2014, par. 5). These experiences also provided him the emotional capacity to explore the depths and breadths of the human soul that animated his poems and writings.

The biography of John Keats revealed that the emotional motivation of his works was driven by a harrowing nostalgia for the loss of his brothers. Keat’s t wrote his famous odes with thoughts of sad longing for his brothers whom he lost at an early age. One of his brothers, Tom, reportedly died of tuberculosis, while George, another brother, departed to America (Stanford University, 2011) leaving him alone and lonely. The works were described to have been strongly influenced by emotions ranging from loneliness, longing, and despair, to wit: “The poems known as the Great Odes—Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on a Grecian Urn, Ode to Melancholy, To Autumn and others, written in the spring of 1819, after Tom’s death and George’s departure—describe the misery into which the poet had plunged after the loss of his brothers (, nd). Likewise, the themes in some of these odes have been influenced by the poet’s adeptness to focus on humanities and the arts as a means of dissociating himself to feelings of isolation.

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