The picture of Thanksgiving Day

  Thanksgiving Day in America is a nationalholiday celebration that dates back in 1621. It is held every November on theforth Thursday. It was a tradition imported from England by the Plymouthcolonists. In history, what is commonly known as “Thanksgiving Day” today wasthe early European Settlers’ celebration following their harvesting theAmericas back in 1621. It was a feast attended by the New England colonists whohad invited Native Americans. The feast took three days. It was in thetradition of the English people to hold days of prayer to thank God afterwinning wars as well as following the end of droughts. In this paint (Ferris,Jean L. “The First Thanksgiving. 1621.” Wikipedia, circa 1912-1915, /wiki/jean_leon_gerome_ferris), thereis demonstrates that how to celebrate the first Thanksgiving Day, bias ofauthor about Native American, background of the First Thanksgiving Day, andhide of truth history.

  Firstly, the painting indicates thatdifferent people come to together to celebrate the First Thanksgiving Day. Itis important point that they share the food together, a group of people aroundthe big table which has a lot of food, such as wine in the flagon, potatoes andvegetables. A soldier who has a nice smile holds a wooden bowl of food. Infront of soldier is a lady who is sharing a big turkey. In addition, the whiterice on the ground, some food made on the fire. A little cute girl looks on whileeating the food happily. Moreover, some people show a lot of interest on whatis happening, this may indicate that they love what is happening.

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The picture of Thanksgiving Day
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  On the other hand, we cannot deny thatthe author bias about Native American in this picture. Two categories of peopleare shown in the painting, one group assumed to be the European settlersconsist of well-dressed people who appear to be more civilized. Because theyeat more food on the table, they talk about the paper, and they have more knowledgeable.Another group is seated on the ground and what differentiates them from thecivilized group in the way they are dressed. Their dressing is similar to the traditionalIndian dressing. Maybe they are Native American. However they are receiving thefood, and they have some old utensil, such as stick and broadsword.

  In addition, the picture that leads audienceto find the truth hidden in history of First Thanksgiving Day. First of all, Womenfrom the civilized group can be seen serving the Native Americans, somethingthat indicates that the Native Americans have been invited and are gettingfamiliarized with the thanksgiving tradition. And it was a time when NativeAmericans could not seat on the table together with the civilized group. Theway different groups are dressed within the picture is a clear indication thatit was around the 17th century. Conclusion, the painting show howthe first thanks giving day in America was like. The culture has been carriedout in America up to today and during thanks giving day, friends and familiescome together for some special meal.

  Finally, the background of the picture iswonderful, such as happiness atmosphere and attracting vision. The Mr. Ferris’spicture uses more color that is soft and light, including golden, purple andblue. The sea and sky seemed to blend, the grey stone house was relievedagainst the blue sky, and two green trees are about same height and have manybranches. Everyone’s faces radiant with fulfillment. Some people look likedance, some people who are watching strange scenery and listening to strangesounds, and some people are enjoying the delicious food. Moreover, theenvironment is very green and there is a river with water flowing. This showsthat it is plenty of food, possibly after a drought.

  To sum up, we can know a lot ofinformation by the Mr. Ferris’s picture, including first Thanksgiving Day, theauthor’s bias about Native American, the truth history and the background ofthe picture. In the future, Thanksgiving Day not only is a unique nationaltraditional festival, but also has been increasingly popular in people.

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