The Norton Anthology of American Literature

I will pay for the following article The Norton Anthology of American Literature. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the process, Gardner’s bank account gets cleared by the government, exposing him to a string of misfortunes. Gardner decides to become a stockbroker and applies for a job. He qualifies for the stockbroker internship for six months without pay. Gardner had to look for a way to survive. The six months were hectic and troublesome for him but he gets through. After the training, Gardner gets the job and opens his own firm in the later years. The predominant American culture that one finds in this film is Puritanism and enlightenment. Other elements of American cultures expressed in this movie include the struggle to evade poverty and the struggle to attain economic stability.

Puritanism&nbsp.and&nbsp.Enlightenment&nbsp.have always been&nbsp.part&nbsp.of&nbsp.the American thought. Puritanism has supplemented and&nbsp.challenged&nbsp.the&nbsp.development&nbsp.of&nbsp.American&nbsp.thought. The concept provides the basis of the American people’s culture and it has also shaped the characteristics of many Americans. The enlightenment of the American people began in the 18th century. This enlightenment replaced God with rationale as a foundation for everything. However, the Puritan thought is still rooted in the minds of many Americans. Enlightenment has paved the way for science and technology, creating a platform for social and economic development. Development has made Americans optimistic for a brighter future in pursuing their happiness. Despite the very different concepts in enlightenment and Puritanism, both have influenced the social values that most Americans upheld.

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The Norton Anthology of American Literature
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In the Pursuit of&nbsp.Happiness, the values of Puritanism&nbsp.and&nbsp.enlightenment were portrayed in the character&nbsp.of&nbsp.Chris&nbsp.Gardner. These values&nbsp.shape his&nbsp.character in gaining an improved life for&nbsp.himself and&nbsp.his&nbsp.son. The setting of the movie is during the recession period when the economic status for most Americans was deteriorating. Mr. Gardner, played by will smith tries to improve his financial status by changing from a salesman to a stockbroker. This movie reflects the distinctive value of Americans.

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