The new land registration act Paper

 The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the registered titles to land meet the requirements of certainty, transparency, and simplicity. In general, the two main objectives of the Act are to “eliminate unregistered title by encouraging landowners to register their title to land and to ensure that the registers held at the Land Registry provide a complete and accurate reflection of the title at any given time” (Vizards, 2003). These goals are to be met by the implementation of technologically advanced methods by which to register property. Paper titles will no longer be issued as proof of title to a property. The original title documents will be disposed of by the Land Registry. Electronic records will be kept and following registration, a landowner or mortgagee will only be supplied with a title information document (Vizards, 2003).

The government provides a structure for the continued development of electronic conveyancing in this Act. There are also many important changes to the way law is practiced for registered land. “In particular changes affect the protection of third party interests. overriding interests. what interests in land may or must be registered. adverse possession of registered land” (Land Registry, 2005). Shorter leases must now be registered voluntarily. Registration is available for interests in land previously unregistrable. The reformation of the law relating to adverse possession changes certain third-party rights (Land Registration Act, 2005). Tenants in shopping centers and flats will be able to look at leases granted to other tenants and thereby discover any differences of payments made for similar space and amenities (Vizards, 2003). An important change in the Act is the introduction of a new system that addresses issues involved with adverse possession for registered land. The effect of&nbsp.this new law will render registered land virtually squatter-proof. &nbsp.

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The new land registration act Paper
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