The Napoleonic War

I will pay for the following article The Napoleonic War: The Dullists Film. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. He decided to challenge Hubert for a duel, which left him unconscious. The two meet again in Augsburg, decides to have another duel in 1801 that left Hubert with serious wounds. On recovering, Hubert receives a promotion, which made him happy that officers from different ranks could not challenge one another to a duel. In 1806, Feraud receives promotion to a captain too and by bad luck, his transfer reads Lubeck where Hubert is serving. This time, they behaved maturely, put their efforts together to fight an enemy (IMDB web) Hubert who is now a brigadier moves to fight in the Napoleon exile and is wounded in the leg. He decides to stay with his sister Meg Owen (Leonie) until he recovers. While here, Hubert meets Adele (Christina), falls in love and gets married to her. He refused a recruitment to command a brigade when Emperor returns from Elba and when Feraud hears of it he suggests that Hubert cannot be trusted and he is a traitor to the emperor. He is a brigadier general also at that time. After the news of Napoleon defeat at waterloo comes, Hubert the army of Louis while Feraud is arrested and is due for execution in 100 days. Hubert pleads on his behalf to the minister of police and on his release. Feraud challenges him to a pistol duel. Hubert receives several pistol wounds from Feraud, has a chance to finish him but he does not. Curtains close down in 1814 after Feraud promises never to bother Hubert again. In fact, he declared him dead. The work of Ridley Scott came out well in this film full of beautiful landscapes, overcrowded areas, and well lit gardens. The characters in the movie articulately perform the roles of different characters and bring a realism art in the film. In short, the film delivers the message the Playwright had in mind when writing it. Two important aspects that help deliver the purpose of the film is time and geographical setting of the film. The Duellists film has its foundations in the period 1800 to 1814 when Napoleon war took place. The film based its events in the same era with the curtains coming down at the clock of the year 1814. Napoleon wars included several war sprees declared against Napoleon French Empire by other opposing coalitions. France started it all when it revolutionized European armies in 1789 and conquered most of European countries. French Empire had a strong army under Napoleon armies, which defeated five coalitions of other armies in different settings. The first and the second coalitions were defeated under French revolutionary wars, while the third, fourth, and fifth under the leadership of Napoleon. The main reason for the formation of coalitions against French empire was arrest of King Louis xiv in 1792 and his execution in 1793. Coalition consisted of countries like Prussia, Austria, Kingdom of Great Britain, Naples and Sardinia with some kingdoms in one or more coalitions (Scheneid web) The Duellists film uses chronological events of the Napoleon wars as they happened under the leadership of Napoleon and French revolutionary. Hubert represents coalitions against Napoleon armies a role played by Feraud. Just like in the Napoleon wars, Feraud defeated Hubert in most of the times they had a duel. Hubert won twice. The film used same level of the two officers to depict same levels of power between the Napoleon army and the different coalitions.

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The Napoleonic War
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