The Myth of the Latin Woman.

Having the Latin origin, the author had very closely witnessed the hatred her community had been experiencing for the last several decades. Cofer declares her own community as equally responsible of its pathetic condition provided they failed to adopt the norms, mores, values, taboos and traditions prevailing in the mainstream culture. Lastly, she emphasized upon the difficulties of the single mothers during the brought up of her children and is determined to transfer the same filial love to her next generation she was bestowed upon as a child from her loving parents.

Cofer’s splendid essay wide opens the cultural values of Latin American families in a very powerful manner, from where the readers can learn a lot about the cultural and social activities of the Hispanic community. It conveys the message of love, sacrifice and courage to the readers. Cofer strives to reveal the Latin parents’ passion during child-rearing. Being the highly dedicated and enthusiastic parents, the Latin individuals take notice of each and every action performed by their children and teach their next generation the religious obligations by taking them to the churches regularly. The readers learn that the Latin families eat, dine, move and enjoy in congregation and pay due attention to the dressing, and mannerism of the young members. Consequently, the Latin children are brought up under extreme care. Similarly, the readers learn about the continuation of the Puerto Rican customs, norms and traditions followed by the Latin mothers while preparing their daughters for church prayers, parties, functions and ceremonies, which are quite different from the mainstream cultural traits of the USA.

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