The Middle East in World Affairs.

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Question 2

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Most of the transnational movement and ideologies sought to improve the accessibility of the countries thereby promoting trade and interaction among the nationals and improve the economies of the Arab countries. The dictates of Pan Arabism for example increases the accessibility of all Arab countries to citizens of other Arab countries within the pact. Thus far, such pacts and improved freedom of movement have improved the economy of certain states and opened the market further for trade thereby improve the quality of life in the regions for the citizens. On the other hand, the increased freedom of movement present a number of challenges most of which have stifled the growth and development of most of the countries in the Arab region key among which include.

The increased infiltration of organized terror groups, the Al-Qaida the most feared terror organization in the world managed to increase its membership in most countries within the Arab continent thereby presenting a major security threat to most of the Arab countries. This has made most of these countries un-governable making them more susceptible for foreign influence. Such terror gangs took over major businesses in the country thereby having exclusive control of the economy (Salamé 43). This has stifled the economic growth in the region besides spoiling the diplomatic relations between most Arab countries and most of the western countries that feel threatened by the increased terrorist activity in the Arab peninsula.

Seclusion of the Arab culture, the increased interaction within he Arab community resulted in the development of more cohesive community that did not necessarily require foreign influence from either the west or other eastern countries. The Arab communities therefore limited their interaction to themselves thus fostering the development of the Islamic culture in the region. The countries have Islamic legal mechanisms while the markets have Islamic economic legislation thereby making it extremely difficult for other more liberal cultures and enterprises to thrive in the regions.

Question 3:

Most of the Arab countries have oil as the only natural resource. fortunately, the oil is in sustaining quantities and most of them survive in proceeds from oil alone. However, instead of having prosperous economies, the countries face economic and security challenges all arising from the trade in oil. The distribution of oil across the countries resulted in conflict within the very countries as governments, citizens and cartels all scrambled for ownership of the oil wells. The weak security apparatus coupled with the increased terrorist activity in the countries on the other hand failed to contain the situation thereby resulting in the rise of more oil cartels and dictatorial political regimes all interested in the management of the oil trade at the expense of the common citizen.

Terrorist activities in the regions strained the diplomatic relations between most of the Arab countries and the western countries that form the market for oil products. The Arab countries therefore sell their oil at cheaper prices to countries in Africa and others in the eastern bloc most of which are opposed to the United States of America such as China. Control for the oil resource in the Arab countries given the weak government has often attracted the interest of the world super economies such as the United States of America and China. While the America seeks to build democracies in the region thus create order, China enjoys the mayhem and the political division that makes the cost of the precious product more affordable (Salamé 22).

Work cited

Salamé, Ghassan. Democracy Without Democrats?: The Renewal of Politics in the MuslimWorld. London [u.a.: Tauris, 1996. Print.

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