The Marketing Planning of L’Oreal Organization.

This research will begin with the statement that L’Oreal Group is a leading company that markets a wide range of cosmetic products. The corporate products are sub divided-well in order to help the company to become an important player in beauty industry across the globe. Notwithstanding the intensity of competition that exists, it is beneficial to analyze the company’s internal and external profile to gain an understanding of its strategic planning process. The term marketing as an exchange process refers to a concentrated term in relation to the marketing concept. It is originally defined as a transaction by which two or more parties offer a benefit or value to others with a view to satisfying their prospective needs. Companies receive a benefit of selling goods through a market which incorporates a wide range of products and services while end-users obtain commodities they desire from the market. Therefore, both parties including the firms and end users/customers gain in this exchange process. This can occur in a transactional form which means that a consumer buys a particular brand because of self-interest or in form of relational exchange if long-term orientation has taken place. In case of L’Oreal, it can be seen that the company utilizes this concept when conducting its business. The exchange between L’Oreal and its customers result in transactions where the customers buy the products offered and the company gets money. The main goal of L’Oreal is to facilitate and increase its sales transactions through convincing the existing customers and potential customers to purchase its products. As such, it uses the marketing exchange process to assess the trade-offs it needs in order to satisfy its wants and needs, as well as its customer’s wants. L’Oreal’s objective is to create safe and effective quality beauty products for its customers. It is a company that values establishing a strong consumer relationship.

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