•The Marketing Mix

Short Answer Section – 

Answer Three (3) of the Following Questions

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•The Marketing Mix
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•The Marketing Mix

Describe the Marketing Mix (the four P’s of Marketing) in detail

•The Stock Market

Define and explain each of the terms below and explain in a brief essay how you would use this and other information to make decisions for retirement purposes

Share Price, EPS, Asset Allocation, Stock Market Index

•The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

List the three tools that the Fed uses to control the money supply and how each tool works to either increase or decrease the money supply and the overall effect of each on the economy.

•Supply and Demand

Draw and label the curves that represent the relationship between economic supply and demand. Describe how this model and other forces interact to determine market prices


Discuss the managerial function of Organizing. In your discussion, be sure to explain the considerations a manager must take into account when performing this essential management function. Be sure to list and describe the different methods of Departmentalization when organizing a company.

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