The Market for Human Organs

The imbalance between supply and demand will continue to see people suffer to death as they wait for organs, unlike in Iran, which has a high donor rate following officially approved monetary compensation for organ donors.

Kidneys are always at a higher demand worldwide than lungs, liver, heart and other body tissues. The Canadian data as of 2009 indicate that 3796 patients were on the waitlist for organ transplants. Many patients die without even making it onto a waitlist, and without the hospitals even considering those who are at their latest phases of illness. Below is an illustration of different organ transplant in various provinces of Canada.

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The Market for Human Organs
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Source: OTDT and CBS, Ensure Fairness and Transparency in the ODT System. Call to Action: A Strategic Plan to Improve Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Performance for Canadians, 11, &lt. &gt. Since human organ trade is illegal, it becomes difficult to acquire the right information of most of the organs traded and transplanted as they are not registered. The registry, hospital, and medical management can only provide information based on donation consent. This means that the black market can not be fully accounted for. During the 1990s, China, United States, and India were regarded to be the largest markets in human organ trafficking. Canada recorded 946 human organ transplantation, 138 human organ trafficking and a shadow market (involving all activities from trafficking, production, distribution and use of illegal goods) of 14.6 %. The regulated market has to depend on organ altruism and deceased donors. In 2009, the deceased donor rate was still below15% donors PMP of Canada, which was relatively lower than in other developed countries.&nbsp.A regulated market can only be identified in countries with the legal structure for compensating donors. Unlike Canada, countries with government-funded and regulated programs like Iran indicate an increasing number in the organ market, much faster to curb the waiting list.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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