The Main Problem at Holiday Inn.

Need help with my writing homework on The Main Problem at Holiday Inn. Write a 4250 word paper answering; The problems are also caused by organisational unpreparedness on the part of the Holiday Inn management—there should have been a system to deal with rush hours when many customers want to check out.

1.4 Obviously, these problems stem from the lapses in the management style of the Holiday Inn. things could have been better if strategic planning has been implemented in the areas of handling customer’s relationship and so on.

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The Main Problem at Holiday Inn.
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1.5 Definitely, it matters a lot if the management problems are handled properly and in a timely manner. Failure to do this would keep the Holiday Inn in a tight corner and the customers would feel dissatisfied with the services rendered at the Inn.

1.6 A couple of the desired outcomes are that: (i) the customers could be attended to quickly and they would feel happy for the good services being rendered. (ii) the Holiday Inn would be able to achieve its objectives in the area of attracting the future and current customers and encouraging them to sign for Priority Club.

2.1 The current solution is just a temporary solution to address the problems of crowdedness at the check-out desk: if it could be difficult to handle the current number of customers at ordinary period, the situation is going to get worse during peak holiday periods.

2.2 Some of the important information that may help in solving these particular problems include (i) knowing the exact time of checking out. (ii) understanding the itinerary of the customers. (iii) having the knowledge about the behaviour of the customers when it comes to the issue of travelling.

(a) Brainstorming—this approach will definitely come first: managers, supervisors, team members, and Priority Club team members should put heads together and discuss the right modalities that would be used in solving the problems at the Holiday Inn. Since all the workers are responsible for the operations in the Inn, they are in the best positions to identify what solutions are needed in order to overcome the challenges facing the Holiday&nbsp.Inn.

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