“The Lottery” Reader Response–Discussion Question

Process Analysis

Discussion Question

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“The Lottery” Reader Response–Discussion Question
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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson 

Your discussion question response on “The Lottery” MUST be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment. DO NOTwrite your response in the text box for this assignment. Submit a one page response to the following prompts and questions. Follow the prescribed rules in the Style Rules and Guidelines for double-spacing, fonts, and font sizes. 

  • Read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.
  • Briefly describe the stages in the process of the lottery.
  • Do you see this story as an explanation of a brutal process carried out in one town,  or do you see it as a universal statement about dangerous tendencies in modern society—or in human nature?

Assignment: Discussion Question

Read: Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders his Power to Alter Public Space by Brent Staples

Discussion Question: Have you ever been in a situation such as the ones Brent Staples describes, where you perceived someone (or someone perceived you) as threatening? How did you react? After reading Staples’s essay, do you think you would react the same way now? In what order does Staples present his examples? What are some of the examples he uses in the essay?

Your discussion grade will be based on the thoroughness, accuracy, and insightful response; also, your use of correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure and paragraph format. Develop at least the minimum word count of 350 words. Should include an introduction paragraph, one body paragraph, and a concluding paragraph; use at least 12-inch font, times new roman, indent your paragraphs, and double space the document. Send the final assignment as an attachment file.

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