The Links Between Globalization and Racism

Race, Ethnicity, and Racism: The Links Between Globalization and Racism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Globalization is a revolutionary concept which brought huge changes in global political, economic and social life. Collective growth is the slogan of globalization. According to Hill (n.d), “Globalization is the process of growing interconnection, interdependence and integration in the modern world, generated by growing economic, cultural and political cooperation and links”(Hill, n. d. p.1). From the above definition of globalization, it is evident that the major objective of globalization is to bring the entire global community under one umbrella. However, even after decades of an introduction of globalization, the objectives were not met fully. Racism, discriminations, and political, social and economic conflicts are growing day by day all over the world at present. The war on terror, growing tensions between America and Iran, Middle East problems etc are examples of growing conflicts among cultures.

Even though racism is not much visible in its traditional form now, it is visible in many other forms in the society. Many people believe that globalization and racism have some direct connections. This paper analyses the linkage between racism and globalization.

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The Links Between Globalization and Racism
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Politicians, the media, and even historians continually tell us that racism has steadily receded in modern societies. Certain specific traditional practices of racism have undoubtedly declined, and one might be tempted to view the end of the apartheid laws in South Africa as the symbolic close of an entire era of racial segregation. However, it is clear that racism has not receded but actually (Lentin & McVeigh, n.d, p.15).

It is a fact that slavery in America and the apartheid in South Africa have been abolished by law. People in the past cited these things as examples of racism.

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