The Liberal Party of Canada

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Liberal Party of Canada. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. On the one hand was the governing coalition of Liberal – Conservatives under the leadership of Sir John A. McDonald in Canada West and his French – Canadian counterpart, George – Etienne Cartier in Canada East. This disparate organization encompassed a number of distinct groups, many of which had potentially conflicting interests – Catholic and Protestants, English and French, Urban and Rural (Stephen Brooks, page 282)

“The Liberal Party of Canada is always located somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum and often finds itself divided between a progressive wing and a conservative wing” (Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, page 178)

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The Liberal Party of Canada
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Base of Support

The main support group for the classical liberals consisted of Industrialists, merchants and property owning- individuals while the chief supporters for the contemporary Liberal party includes several middle of the road advocacy groups within the feminist, environmental and multicultural movements, public – sector workers, middle – class intellectuals in the universities and the media, the national Liberal Party and the Bloc Quebecois. think – tanks including Canadian Policy Research Networks, the institute for Research on Public Policy and the Canada West Foundation. ( Stephen Brooks, page 40 – 41) According to the views propagated by R. B. McCullum, the Liberal Party was the “party of the middle class, with the support of the industrial workers” (Robert Kelly, page 43)

Political Ideology

One way of categorizing political ideas – perhaps the most popular way – is to describe them as being left wing/ right wing or centrist/ moderate.

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