The LGBT community

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When it comes to the LGBT some of the issues that they presently face as Curry (2017) states “Across the country, LGBTQ Americans still face legalized discrimination under the law when it comes to housing, jobs, parenting, and even prison.” The LGBT community also face and increase number of hate crimes against this group. In particular it is the transgender women of color that have had the most hate crimes taken against them.  Nieto & Bode (2018) states that “across the country that students still face being unsafe and having face hostile school climates because of the sexual orientation or gender expression.”

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The LGBT community
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 Over the next several years I do believe that the issues will still be there and it’s primarily on the belief system of individuals. Everyone has a choice in life, but they have to also remember that some choices do come with issues. I am not trying to say this in a bad way or anything because we must still love everyone no matter what. For me I am a Christian and as it has been taught to me homosexuality is an abomination in the eyesight of God but that does not give me the right to discriminate against them. I have family members that are this way but I love them to the moon and back.

 Nieto & Bode (2018) states that “the results is that students, as well as those with family members who identify as LGBTQ, are placed at risk in terms of social well-being and academic achievement.” I think that it is important for students to still receive the same kind of treatment as the rest of the students and they should not be separated from the rest and as a result the humanity of all students is jeopardized when this happens. When it comes to the LGBT, teachers and administrators from what I see in my county are now trying to implement little things on the campus. Just recently, they changed the bathrooms to reflect no gender on them but still have to be monitored by staff. They are now beginning to include activities and events on the campus that reflect the LGBTQ community. Our guidance counselor who is a really big fan of the LGBTQ community went down to the district offices to fight for implementing things within the schools so the students didn’t have to feel so excluded but could feel a part of something. Teachers could find a way to implement a course that when they are discussing multicultural diversity that the LGBTQ is also discussed. Kids are becoming more inquisitive on different things now and it is starting at a very young age.

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