The Issue of Religion. 

The textual idea is mainly attributed to the fact that these religions acknowledge the spirituality and sanctity of the presence of Jesus Christ as the set forth Son of God. This spiritual title is concretely supported by the facts explicitly presented in the texts of the Holy Bible.

At contemporary society, Christianity has already undergone many changes particularly in the structure of the general religion. Many sects and orders have sprung from the main body because of different views and interpretations of the message of the Holy Bible. However, all of the said division still carries in the one common philosophy, which particularly defines the principles of Christianity: love God and love your neighbors.

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The Issue of Religion. 
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Christian philosophy is generally characterized into two mainly originating from the ten commandments of the Hebrew Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ documented in the Greek Scriptures namely, faith and God and its manifestation of loving one another. This principle transcends social norms such as society’s structure, division and discrimination, and selfishness. With this principle, the religion of Christianity has given a new philosophy for humanity during their time of turmoil and disparity. With this philosophy, Christianity was able to bind the people in the spirituality perspective of living in faith with God and the salvation the awaits them in return.

With the teachings and principles of Christianity, this religion has given humanity a new lifestyle of practicing spiritual faith towards the Creator manifested through exercising His commandments. Christianity has modified the beliefs and norms of the people with its teachings regarding the views and concepts of right and wrong in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. The implementation of the Christian philosophy rekindled a new path of servitude in the name of faith and established the religious social structure to proclaim the teachings and morals of the Holy Bible. Christian&nbsp.philosophy has also contradicted certain social norms and concepts that are viewed to be inappropriate for humanity as they are deemed in contrast to the doctrines in the Bible.

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