The Issue of Abortion.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Issue of Abortion. Pro-life, pro-choice, and teen pregnancy issues are covered in this paper.

To understand issues pertaining to abortion, it is important to define the word abortion. According to Butts and Rich, abortion means “to give premature birth before the fetus is capable of sustaining life, as in a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, or a woman’s intentional termination of a pregnancy” (73). Max Solbrekken World Vision asserts that approximately 43 million abortions were conducted all over the world in 2008. In average, 41, 237 abortions are conducted or done daily all over the world (Butts and Rich 73). In fact, this figure denotes the average number of abortions conducted yearly at a global perspective. It is worth noting that discussions and arguments associated with pro-life and pro-choice are based on this elucidation of abortion. There has been a lot of arguments on the validity, relevance, as well as injustices associated with an individual’s decision to end the life of an unborn child. Arguments based on the pro-choice perspective of abortion seek to substantiate and as well validate abortion (Schwarz 192).

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According to the pro-choice perspective, abortion is lawfully acceptable and tolerable despite ethical and moral considerations surrounding it. Supporters of this point of view argue that a woman possesses a fundamental and central right to make her own decisions regarding the fate of her unborn child. The right of a woman to decide on the fate of her pregnancy triumphs or reigns. Church, Schulze, and Strydom highlight the importance to consider the fact that the pro-choice point of view is formed on the basis of the constitutional rights of individuals (277). Constitutions in many parts of the world protect the rights of privacy for its citizens and hence the choice or decision of a woman to terminate her pregnancy ought not to be superseded (Butts and Rich 74).

Subsequently, the rights of an individual without the ability to stay alive and endure the difficulties of the world on his or her own are not feasible according to the pro-choice perspective.

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