The Impacts of Information Systems in Government Organizations

The Impacts of Information Systems in Government Organizations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Modern-day information systems using information technology can be effectively utilized for this purpose if the organization and its management are capable and sincere. Privately owned organizations formed for profit have their own agenda which motivates its management and employees to effectively develop an effective information system. But in the case of government organizations, apart from capability, the elected body has to be sincere and motivated in order to effectively develop information systems that can provide valuable service to different sections of the society. Running a country with diverse cultures and races can be challenging and an effective information system can be invaluable in achieving all-round development. The study will focus on government organizations in Australia. It would be pertinent to define what a government organization with regard to the views of a government body in the country. According to The State Records Act 2000, of Western Australia, “government organizations include tertiary institutions, parliamentary departments, State and local government agencies and corporations, Royal Commissions, the Cabinet and the Executive Council, Ministers of the Crown, Courts, and Tribunals” (Henderson 2005). This definition will be taken as representative of such organizations in this paper.

This research proposal is for a study of the implementation of information systems in government organizations in Australia. The proposal will focus on the aboriginal population of the country and will focus on the service that the government provides to the Aboriginal community and how it impacts on them. It will also provide recommendations to improve information systems.

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The Impacts of Information Systems in Government Organizations
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