The impact of relationship between rape victims and men.

Social stigma as a form of secondary victimization also continues to haunt the rape victims as they move on with their lives after the attack. White & Robinson-Kurpius’ (1999) study revealed that men continued to subscribe to the mythology associated with rape that women/victims are culpable for what had happened to them because of the way they are dressed, their behavior, type of work or sexual experience (p.993). These were then used to rationalize or justify or absolve the acts of the aggression.

Victims of sexual assaults experience a range of short and long-term effects such as anxiety and depression (Harris & Valentiner, 2002, p.286). Also associated with the sexual violence various forms and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in majority of the victims. In addition, victims developed problems in interpersonal relationships and social functions (p.286).

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The impact of relationship between rape victims and men.
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Victims of sexual violence develop interpersonal functioning problems especially when their pre-traumatic schema differed from the post-traumatic experience. The victims generally avoid sexual activity primarily because they developed a basic distrust towards other people and a misconception and belief in “random distribution of events.” All these, in addition to a general feeling of discomfort in resuming sexual activity contribute to the reluctance of rape victims to resume normal social relationships (Harris & Valentiner, 2002, p.302). Harris & Valentiner (2002) also noted that extreme self-paranoia is a consequence of “beliefs that the world and its inhabitants are harmful and that unfortunate events are distributed in a random pattern.”(p.302).

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