The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace. 

I will pay for the following article The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace Two questions used during the research are. does stress in the workplace have an adverse effect on employee productivity during competition? The second question for the research is to what extent does group support help in reducing the impact of stress in the workplace? Each research question has its unique research tools, for instance, interviews, questionnaires, conversations, papers, and cameras are some of the research tools. In researching on whether stress at the workplace had adverse effects on employee productivity, we used interviews and cameras. On the other hand, questionnaires, conversations, and papers help in finding out the extent to which group support help in reducing the impact of stress at the workplace.

Observations may vary, for example, many respondents have the opinions that stress impacts negatively on work productivity at the workplace. Group support assists to reduce stress at the workplace. The internet, journals, and books on the research topic are the primary sources of data. Data collected involves a reliable as the process was participatory, although there are computation errors, and other errors arising from participants out rightly giving false information. Such errors, however, are minimal because one may unwillingly submit personal information during the interview. In addition, only willing participants will have their photographs taken. In addition, the participants observed a strict code of conduct in the research work to ensure the accuracy of the research findings (Sonnentag, Perrewé & Ganster, 2009).

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 The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace. 
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Participants of the research exercise including the researcher and resource persons need to have awareness of existent restrictions for the process. The researcher should obtain the permission from relevant authority in view of adhering to research ethics. Such a move will help the researcher determine limits of the project. The individual researcher will benefit by gaining relevant skills and first-hand information on the issues of stress at the workplace. The community will benefit from the research findings because the information will be in the libraries for their retrieval. While collecting and storing the data, the researcher should consider the use of notes, electronic media, video recording, and audiotaping. The researcher will ensure that they have effective electronic media and video recorders to ensure accurate data collection and recording. For data storage, the library at the research centers will form the best choice (Sonnentag, Perrewé & Ganster, 2009).

Data stored must have security measures against loss by use of passwords for the electronically stored data, locking up the written data and the tapes, which contain the research information. The stored data will become obsolete after five years because of the changing demographics. The information collected will require a replacement with new findings to replace the old information. If the researchers meet with difficulties in during the research process, they should consult relevant authorities, which granted them permission to begin the process of deliberation. Research must not involve the age groups of people not involved in employment such as the children and the elderly. The demographics will give the desired patterns of the research findings and help the researcher to formulate the relevant hypotheses (Sonnentag, Perrewé & Ganster 2009).


Sonnentag, S., Perrewé, P. L., & Ganster, D. C. (2009). Current Perspectives on Job-Stress Recovery. Bingley, UK: JAI Press.

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