The impact of Al Jazeera channel relationship with the State of Qatar to other countries

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: The impact of Al Jazeera channel relationship with the State of Qatar to other countries. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. 20-26, 2007), things have changed abruptly and media’s role has become decisive where breaking news has become a tool for changing of governments, as well as tensions between the nations. In this era of globalization, media has become an evident tool of bringing change through communication around the globe, and evidently, media has been benefiting from this huge authority and responsibility. however, it is an observation (Ingram & Dodds, pp. 58-69, 2009) that it has resulted in increment in governmental crisis in a number of countries. Research Statement In this regard, the researcher will put efforts on the below mentioned research statement to achieve aims and objectives of the research: “To identify and analyze the impact of Al-Jazeera Channel Relationship with the State of Qatar to other countries” Aims and Objectives Some of the particular aims and objectives of the proposed research are: Identification and analysis of the role of Al-Jazeera Channel in Arab region Scrutinize the extent of Al-Jazeera impact on the State of Qatar specifically Study the nature of Al-Jazeera’s relationship with the State of Qatar Investigate the impact of abovementioned relationship on Qatar’s relations with other nations Identify and recommend strategies that may ensure positive impact of studied factors on performance and reward management systems of business organizations Research Questions & Hypotheses In brief, the research will focus on the following research questions: What is the role of Al-Jazeera in Qatar? What is the role of Al-Jazeera in Arab region? What is the role of Al-Jazeera in enhancing/deteriorating relationships of Qatar with other nations/regions? The below-mentioned literature review has led to the following hypothesis, which will be under testing in the process of research: 1. Al-Jazeera is positively under correlation with Qatar. This means that Qatar will be able to resolve its various bilateral issues based on functions and operations of Al-Jazeera channel. LITERATURE REVIEW Brief analysis of literature (Miles, pp. 23-29, 2005) has indicated that neighbors Qatar and Saudi Arabia are almost similar in terms of their social and cultural existences, as both seem to be following ultra-sensitive Wahabbism (Tatham, 2005). However, one single notion that differentiates the State of Qatar from Saudi entity is television channel of Al-Jazeera (2011) that has been successful in ensuring an individual identification and social existence of Qatar around the globe. In particular, Al-Jazeera (2011) means ‘the island’ in literal perspective. however, from a critical perspective, Al-Jazeera (2011) is a satellite television channel that has been able to achieve success in a short period. however, has acquired this success with huge volumes of antagonism and controversies for itself, as well as for the State of Qatar (ICWN, 2010). Still, even after huge number of controversies, Al-Jazeera (2011) has been unbeaten in catering roughly thirty-five million Arabs by providing international news.

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The impact of Al Jazeera channel relationship with the State of Qatar to other countries
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