The History and Future Prospect on Typewriters.

 Creativity and innovation that leads to technological advancement started a long time ago. The form of communication among people and especially leaders in the 1500s was through writing. The quest to achieve more efficiency in writing led to the invention of typewriters in the 1860s. A typewriter is a machine that can be mechanical or electromechanical used in creating characters on a piece of paper. The technology on a typewriter involves a transfer of ink or carbon impression on a set piece of paper by striking characters on a keyboard. Keys are attached to type bars that are in a circular basket under the platen. Striking hard the keys transfers a marking on the molded head of the type bar. The paper used in the process is wrapped around a cylinder that mounted on a carriage. The carriage moves after striking a type bar to allow the specific spacing of words and letters.

The keyboard is organized in a manner to make it easier for the operator to type the characters. After the invention, the machine becomes popular and was used in different areas such as homes, by writers, and offices to create writing on paper for different purposes. The increased use of the typewriters came to a halt in the early 1980s when word processor in a computer became popular due to its efficiency compared to a typewriter. However, the typewriters have not been completely wiped out. Different places of the world such as India and certain parts of Africa are still using the machine.

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The machine has undergone a series of changes all with the aim of improving its proficiency in serving the intended purpose. Earlier innovations and trials had been made regarding the creation of a printing device, but the first successful typewriter was made by Sholes and Glidden in 1870. It was known as the Remingtons typing machine. The intended purpose of the machine was to ensure legal documents produced were neat, legible, and of a standard format.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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