The Hiring Process

 Will using social media as a recruiting tool by organizations increase or decrease by the end of 2015? Be sure to reflect an understanding of the risks and advantages discussed in the article to support your comments.

As highlighted in the article, social media has become highly influential in different sectors of life. Although the use of social media in the recruitment process is a new venture, it is likely to increase by the end of 2015. Many organizations will begin to appreciate the new platforms created by social media that can help them create a full profile of their employees. Over time, employers will recognize that people are more likely to reveal their true self on social media while they mask themselves during interviews. A critical analysis of social media profiles of potential employees can help the employers create a link between the information presented during the interview and the facts surrounding the individual. Despite these advantages, employers will need to be cautious when using the social media in the hiring process so that they do not violate the established Communications Act (Segal 70). The only disadvantage of using social media during the recruiting process is that employers and human resource managers can easily find themselves violating laws that protect individuals.

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The Hiring Process
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2. Select one of the suggestions from the article and write a paragraph to convince top management where you work that the benefits of the remodel will outweigh the costs in terms of attracting potential employees.

In my view, it will be beneficial if the top management ditches the cubicles that are small offices designated for each employee. Research reveals that employees prefer open spaces that allow them to interact freely. Many new employees will not feel comfortable if they are compelled to be confined in a small office without any form of direct interaction with their workmates. Introducing open spaces will benefit the organization, as employees will have an opportunity to share ideas. Moreover, open spaces will facilitate two-way communication channels a factor that will benefit the organization ( 1). Contrary to the small cubicles, employees are more likely to feel free if they are working in non-congested areas with the free flow of air and the possibility to move around. Such environments are more conducive to creativity and innovation.

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Segal, Jonathan A. “The Law and Social Media In Hiring.” HR Magazine 59.9 (2014): 70. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 1 July 2015.

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