[The following information applies to the questions displayed below.]

Part ISet up a new company in QuickBooks using the following information. (Reminder: Save your company file to the location specified by your instructor. Use the filename: [your name] Comp Exam 1) On January 1, 2021, you establish a law firm. You’ve been offered two contracts on retainer for two local businesses. With the two contracts and walk-in clients, you think you can make your law practice a success. At the current time, you do not plan to hire any employees. Instead, you plan to perform the services yourself, at least initially until cash flow from the business can fund employee payroll. 

    Company Name  [your name] Comp Exam 1  Federal Tax ID  123-45-6789  Address  12 Elm Street  City  Woodbury  State  NJ  Zip  08096  Phone  856-222-3333  Industry  Legal Services  Income Tax Form  Sole Proprietor (FORM 1040)  Fiscal year starts  January 1, 2021  Checking Account  [your name] Comp Exam 1 Checking 

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[The following information applies to the questions displayed below.]
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Then, after you have set up your company, you need to add three sets of information. First, you need to add the people you do business with. You will add the following 2 customers and 3 vendors using the following information. 

    Customer Name/ Company Name  Airline Transport  Address  40 George Blvd

  Cherry Hill, NJ 08033  Contact  Mary  Telephone  609-833-2904  Terms  Net 30 

    Customer Name/ Company Name  CAD Express  Address  1234 Middle Ct

  Haddonfield, NJ 08033  Contact  Lori  Telephone  856-556-7766  Terms  Net 30 

    Vendor Name/ Company Name  AA Equipment Leasing  Address  72 Long Lane

  Vineland, NJ 08445  Telephone  609-555-1234  Terms  Net 30 

    Vendor Name/ Company Name  Able Office Supplies  Address  900 Truman Blvd

  Marmora, NJ 08229  Telephone  609-376-1356  Terms  Net 30 

    Vendor Name/ Company Name  Bay Advertising Agency  Address  55 Inlet Street

  Ocean City, NJ 08226  Telephone  609-376-5555  Terms  Net 30 

Then, you will add this information to the Services you sell. 

     Legal Consultation (hourly) $120 per hourAccount: 45400  Monthly Retainer $1000 per monthAccount: 45400 

Then, you will add banking information as follows: You’ll need to add a Business Checking Account (current asset account, #10100). Use the numbers “123456789” as both bank account numbers and routing numbers. Your account will be named “[your name] Comp Exam 1 Checking”, dated 1/1/2021, with a $0 balance. 

Part IIRecord the following transactions in QuickBooks for the new company. (NOTE: For any transactions involving customer payments, select “Deposit” on QuickBooks to deposit the customer payment directly to the Checking account.) 

  DateTransaction   01/01/2021You invested $1,500 cash in the business (Check No. 1000).   01/01/2021Leased office furniture for the business. Received the bill and paid one month’s rental ($110 check) to AA Equipment Leasing.   01/01/2021Billed monthly retainer fees to both clients: Airline Transport and CAD Express.   01/02/2021Purchased $150 of office supplies on account from Able Office Supplies.   01/10/2021Paid $540 from your business checking account to United States Post Office (USPO) postage expense for mailing brochures to potential clients.   01/12/2021Provided 2 hours of legal consultation to walk-in client. She paid cash at end of meeting today. The customer payment received was deposited directly into the Checking account.   01/15/2021Received bill from Bay Advertising Agency for $200 of advertising expenses.   01/16/2021Received payment from Airline Transport for monthly retainer fee as billed on 01/01/2021. Deposited check # 444 into your business checking account.   01/20/2021Received payment from CAD Express for monthly retainer fee as billed on 01/01/2021. Deposited check #888 into business checking account.   01/25/2021Paid $150 for the office supplies purchased from Able Office Supplies on 01/02/2021.   01/28/2021Provided one hour of legal consultation today to walk-in client. Client paid cash. The customer payment received was deposited directly into the Checking account.  

Part IIIGenerate the following reports using QuickBooks. Convert them to Excel. a. Journal from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021.b. Trial Balance at January 31, 2021.c. Profit and Loss, standard, from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021.d. Balance Sheet, standard, at January 31, 2021.e. Statement of Cash Flows for January 2021.f. Customer Balance Detailg. Vendor Balance Detail 

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