The Experience of Preparing for a Placement and Related Studies

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Experience of Preparing for a Placement and Related Studies. It needs to be at least 500 words. Self-Reflection During the whole the module, what truly surprised me was how interesting the experience of preparing for a placement and related studies actually is. I came to know about different aspects of placement, such as, I came to know about SMART action plans and recruitment process. I came to know what competitiveness actually means and how it is significant in business.

Here, I describe my feelings. My view of the placement process significantly changed as, previously, I would deem it as a very boring and plain kind of field. but, during the project, I came to realize how exciting it is to set goals and work toward achieving those goals through commitment and determination. I put forth great level of effort toward completion of the module, as I am a very devoted kind of a student who believes in the attainment of objectives through resolution and perseverance.

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The Experience of Preparing for a Placement and Related Studies
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Now, I evaluate the whole experience. The main areas of development in this module were body language, interview practice, presentation skills, report writing, and getting organized. I found that I had immense interest toward learning logs, and felt that I could be a great professional with proficient understanding of the placement module. However, there were some areas in which I felt that I needed a little bit of improvement. For instance, I found Skills Audit & Skills Development Plan the most difficult area as it needed great knowledge of professional competencies. However, since I have some outstanding leadership qualities, I feel that I would be able to make a good skills development plan with the use of these proficiencies before undertaking a placement.

My analysis is that working in a group was a totally new and fresh experience for me during the placement module. I really liked working in the group, as I was able to share my ideas and perspectives with all the compromising and appreciative members of the group. All of us helped each other out, and gave positive feedback and constructive criticism to each other, and hence, although a sense of competition was there but it is always very encouraging and fruitful (Martin & Fellens 2010:252). We communicated with each other about the goals and objectives of the project, set deadlines, and met those deadlines through willpower.

What else can be done is that I want to gain such expertise that should make me such a professional that brings forward technology and leadership both at the same pace (Northouse, 2009). I see myself as a professional who not only wants to equip himself with the technological knowledge for the today’s modern and competitive world, but also would like to learn such leadership competencies that help him apply that technological knowledge into practice with great efficiency and strength. When both technological expertise and leadership competencies will combine, then such an efficacy of knowledge will arise that will leave behind all field specific or generalized engineering proficiency.

My action plan is that I hope to work on further placement related modules in future, as I have gained a lot of knowledge through this module, and wish to gain more through group work. I would like to incorporate transformational leadership at my placement workplace, in which I would like to set such trends in the chosen field with the help of which many will try to follow me in my footsteps. In transformational leadership, the leaders produce such an effect on their subordinates that they inflict a “transforming effect” on them thus producing “sweeping changes in organizations and societies” (Priyabhasini & Krishnan 2005:1).


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