The Executive Institutions.

Write 7 pages with APA style on The Executive Institutions. If the executor dies then another will be appointed in his place. In executing the will after the death of the property holder, the number of executors appointed will be more than two and up to a maximum of four. Relatives, friends, solicitors, accountants or banks can be appointed as executors. If no person is available to act as an executor then a Public Trustee can be appointed as executor in England and Wales (EQUITY AND THE LAW OF SUCCESSION).

Maximum possible care has to be exercised while selecting executors because their job demands an immense amount of work, care, and responsibility. Thus the consent of the person has to be sought prior to that person being appointed as an executor. This is a very important factor that has to be taken into account while appointing an executor. because the person appointed as an executor has the right to refuse to act as an executor. In case an executor dies, the remaining executors can carry out the task of administering the estate. If there remain any other executors, legal advice can be sought regarding the procedure to be adopted in administering the estate (EQUITY AND THE LAW OF SUCCESSION).

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The will executed by Alfonse is valid despite the fact that the executor had not been appointed by her. Administrators perform the same duties and responsibilities as in the case of executors in respect of estates where the owner of the estate did not execute a written will or where the will do not cede an executor or where the particular executor who was referred to by the will or the executor lacks the capability to carry out the will or is unwilling to act as executor. Certain legal provisions govern the eligibility to become an administrator (Administrator). 1b In order to make a will enforceable it must be signed. In the law, there are various rules that govern the process of signing on the will.&nbsp.

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