The Environment

Reflection Paper.

Corporate activities and government policies are not in favor of conditions that promote a healthy environment for everybody. Environmental problems mainly go unaddressed in urban areas where the risk of environmental hazards is high. Half of the students in the elementary school are Latino, while the others are white, African-American, and Asian-American. No government legislations prevent such construction projects that have negative effects on the population. The parents have requested Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council to implement legislations to protect the children.

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The Environment
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Political leadership in environmental justice is necessary to implement such legislations that go beyond race and inequality. The author says that several other schools in New York have asked for such legislation to protect them from such next-door building developments. He cites an example in which construction of a large residential development next to Hells Kitchen school in 2011 had environmental effects that resulted in asthma, nosebleeds, and rashes for the students (Love 1). Although it was costly to move the project, they had to choose another venue for construction following protest from parents. In a separate residential project in the tony Tribeca section of the city, the developer had to use sound barriers and minimize environmental impacts in the course of construction before the authorities allowed the construction.

The parents of Public School 163 elementary school expect the same treatment for their children. Issues of race and inequality factor in the case because the society expects all children to receive protection from environmental effects. One parent cites that the lungs of all children are the same, and the construction should go elsewhere. Even so, it all depends on political pressures and environmental justice before implementing such measures. The school is a public

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