The Emphasis Of English Perfect Tenses In Academic Writing.

Simple present conveys what is happening nowadays only. Simple future would give an expectation of something that is going to happen in the future at once. Basically, all of the simple tenses tell about something would happen one time either in the past, present, or future. (Azar, B., 2002)

Past, present, and future perfect tenses give the action a long time of occurrence. Consequently, they give they action completion of the proceeding. Present perfect expresses an action that happened in the past and something still present of it nowadays. Past perfect couriers when the action happened in the far past and somewhat from that action stayed until the near past. Finally, future perfect articulates the action in the future and states something that will stay further as caused by the action. Overall, perfect tenses have two points that give the action completion of the proceeding. ( Azar, B., 2002)

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The Emphasis Of English Perfect Tenses In Academic Writing.
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Recently, studies argue that the simple past should be used instead of the perfect tense in Media, the use of Perfect tense in police reporting media case was subject to objection as was thought to be inappropriate. (Ritz, M A., 2010)

The objection over the use of present tense is of standard and non-standard English. Different websites and different writers wrote about the situation in the same content, but strangely not provided evidence for how the use of present tense is not valid according to the linguistic rules. The reporting should be evident and should have a straight approach, the argument described in the perfect tenses are not evident and evoke predictions, which is why termed as non-standard. But for the better knowing it is not necessary for the perfect tense to be unbounded only. The perfect tenses are not only progressive but can be bounded while being continuous. it entirely depends on the use made.

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