The Emergence of the Internet as a Communication Channel.

The rate at which Digital networks are transforming the workplace is incredible. The networked business entities have created a virtual business environment whereby employees can now work from home. Workgroups are distributed around the entire globe in almost all fields of works. Their convergence is achieved through hosting meetings over the internet through videos and audios, regardless of their location (Davenport, 2005 p.56). The advancement of these efforts has enabled them to share thoughts, goals and common interests of their respective fields of professions. This virtual environment has proven to be a positive impact on businesses since it enhances the flexibility of work and duties. Organizations must shun the old and outdated models which they usually engaged in. The tendency of employees converging at the central place of work is boring since a few numbers of employees can keep up with that model today (Regan & Oconnor, 2002 p.8).

Proper organization structure, resource management and staffing are the key strategies for the success of any business of the company need to be motivated to make them enjoy their duties which enhances the productivity of the organization. Adoption of Information Communication Technology in businesses fosters overwhelming business relationships. The relationship among the customers, the employee and the business shareholders have to be strong. The time factor at which the customer receives his /her services is also paramount since it acts as a motivation factor to attract more customers. A good technological system ensures all these necessities are taken into account (Regan & Oconnor, 2002 p.12).

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The Emergence of the Internet as a Communication Channel.
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