The Education of Culturally Diverse Students

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Thus with the numbers steadily rising, it is the endeavor of the public school system to ensure that students have equal rights to public education devoid of any discrimination.

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The Education of Culturally Diverse Students
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However, imparting education to the culturally diverse students is a complex issue since research shows that the achievement of CLD students’ performance has been lower than that of their white peers. Moreover, many students identified as disabled come from culturally diverse backgrounds. This has lead to many cases and national debates on disproportionality of students, pointing towards discrimination. Many remedial programmes have been planned and implemented since then and many research studies have been conducted but there is still a lot of debate on what is the right pattern for assessment to identify students suffering from disabilities.

Teachers often are not aware of the cultural background of their students and interpret their inability to cope with the curriculum as a disability or label their behavior as abnormal instead of connecting it to their culture. (McGee, 2008). Unable to find a solution to resolve the problem, school professionals often refer them to the special education services, classifying them as disabled or as students suffering from serious emotional and behavioral problems.

Research studies to find out that these linguistically and culturally diverse children bring with them, various cultural influences. they were being taught in a language different from their native language. and they were taught to behave as per the school culture, contrary to their own culture.

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