The Diamond Arm.

I will pay for the following article Leonid Gaidai The Diamond Arm. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is generally accepted that the first fiction mode of the film was “comedy”. Comedy was the most powerful mode of film since the concept of cinema started. It is an inexpensive medium and generally pays a lot. It is the most widespread and unthreatening medium and can actually say a lot of it is directed onto the right theme. It is suggested that the national and historic values should be placed in comedy rather than of time and place.

One needs to open up detailed discussions and raise questions rather than closing them down (King, 2002, pp. 01-269). According to Goodreads (2013), Bombeck said that there is a very little line in the literature that defines the essence of a play to comedy, anguish, pain, comedy, and romance. It uplifts our spirits, our morale. makes us raise our head from a dump. It is a tool of satisfaction, making people come close to one another, revive relationships, and refresh the bonds. It has a language that everyone understands irrespective of race, caste, or ethnicity.

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The importance of comedy lies within our hearts, in our daily routine. We come home all tired and with a hectic routine but watching or meeting someone who can make you “forget” about your problems, routine work, or daily life, refreshes you and it actually overjoys you. No comedy in life means remembering all the time about your problems, solutions, and your daily life. Something can be found funny when it is expected, unexpected when something is familiar or something is unfamiliar (Cook, 2010). According to Brainy Quotes (2001-2013), Ustinov said that comedy can be classified as in bringing about smile or laughter on people’s face whereas the actor himself need not necessarily laugh along with the audience.

There are various types of comedy. The most important ones include slapstick, parody, spoof, satire, irony, sarcasm, farce, black comedy, and surrealism. The various ways with which some things can be made comic are the usage of pun and wordplay, misunderstanding, mock-epic and travesty, double entendre, and stereotypes. These are the most common ways of making something or someone funny and sometimes hilarious (Cook, 2010). Witty dialogues and sophisticated characteristics make it even more comical.

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