The Demon Lover, Elizabeth Bowen.

Drover in the end. The first of these instances which foreshadow the climactic horror is in the statement: “But one door, she could just see, stood ajar, so she went quickly through into the room and unshuttered the big window in there” (Bowen). Although any door in a closed house would be left ajar, it would be unusual to mention such a detail at the beginning of the story unless there is some significance to it.

Another moment that foreshadows what is to become of Mrs. Drover – and perhaps the most mysterious and most supernatural – is the letter that is lying on the hall table: “She stopped dead and stared at the hall table – on this lay a letter addressed to her” (Bowen). The letter has been addressed to her, which means that someone knew all along that she was coming to the house that day. Moreover, someone somehow knew that she would find the letter. The latter had “no stamp,” which means that someone must have deliberately placed it right there on that day (Bowen). Another thing is that the letter emphasizes that “today is [Mrs. Drover and the sender’s] anniversary” (Bowen). This means that someone must have either planned it all along or supernaturally caused this horror to happen.

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As she leaves the house, the other evidence of an evil presence is when Mrs. Drover feels is a “draft that traveled up to her face” which seems to have come from the basement where she heard someone leave the house (Bowen). This entity, whoever it is, and although it is more likely the long-lost lover who left her the letter, must be a mysterious character for he is not seen at all. He may assume a human form for the physical environment responds to him, but he could also be evil as he seems to be very omniscient of everything about Mrs. Dover.

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