The Definition of Racism.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: The Definition of Racism. Racism mane affiliation Racism definition Racism is the term used to describe the diverse views and attitude of other people, whereby one group have a perception that it is superior than the other one in terms of deeds, actions, ideologies or sharing of resources. In a clear case of racism, an element emerges, where one group assumes superiority. The superior community in the society enjoys a better privilege in terms of social-economic and political powers. On occurrence of a racist behaviour or attitude in people, what results is a feeling of dislike towards the less superior community, which can often result to destructive behaviours such as genocide, incitement, harassment and insults (Memmi, 2000).

Racism can be direct, indirect, individual or institutional. Racial discrimination does occur on relation to the differences in the racial differences, location of descent or colour. Sometimes a policy may be brought into effect with a notion of treating all the people equally, but in some way have a negative impact to a minor group. In institutions, racism may be evident in terms of marginalisation of minor groups in access of services such as education, health care and other resources.

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The racist behaviour may present in diverse ways such as physical assault such as rape. Verbal abuse may ensue, such as threats, intense propaganda, ridicules and gender stereotypes (Fredrickson, 2011). Racist verbal propaganda, which may arise, include symbols, graffiti and signs. A few people may fail to cooperate with the existence rule of law.

While racism remains a critical issue and problem in the society, every individual has a role to play to counteract the effects of racism. Everyone ought to bear responsibility to reverse the racism trends. In essence, racism is a great hindrance to development. All and sundry should join hands in unison to curb it (Fluehr-Lobban, 2006).


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