The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Have you ever got up with a feeling of foreboding? Well, I have and my natural instincts have proved me right. It was a black Monday, a school day after a long weekend or holidays. Mummy too was not in the best of spirits as she rudely shook me awake, and grumbling I got up. Though it 7. 00 am the sky was overcast and the atmosphere was stifling, despite the fan and I dressed up for school.
Suddenly I realized that I had not worn my tie. I searched frantically for it but could not find it. My school bus was honking loudly outside my house. Mother was hollering about my breakfast. Desperately, I ran down, hugged mother goodbye, gave my breakfast a miss, promising her I would eat the sandwiches she had so lovely prepared for me in the recess. I saw the bus tired for waiting, the driver had driven off. I returned dejected.
However, dad soon set the record straight promising to leave me to school by car. He took his car keys and proceeded to take the car out of the garage, but today everything went wrong. As dad started it coughed and stopped. The battery had run down since dad were out of town & nobody used the car. Dad managed it to charge the battery but it was 9. 00 am & I was very late for school. However, dad had decided that they would explain the series of mishaps to the principle.

Dad was determined. Imagine my surprise when the principle smiled at Dad, accepted his explanation & asked me to go into my class. I went to class & horror of horrors. I had picked up my younger brother’s bag instead of my own. The result was a caning, being kept out of class, asked to kneel down, threatened with remarks, etc. “Oh God! ” thought I, “Will this day never end. ”
Finally, it was 2.00 pm and time to go home.I slipped as I went to the bus; hurt my knee; my elbow, both of which were trobbing. Finally, breathed a sigh of relief when we were home from “What could happen now? ” But as I entered the house mom screamed me for making dirty the washed floors. I hastily retired to my room decided to bath; relax.
Hopefully, nothing could go wrong there. Alas! how wrong I was! electric supply was cut off; I sweated in the heat of my room afraid to go out lest some more misfortune befalls me. Finally at 10.00 pm dropped into my bed with a prayer on my lips thanking God for the end of the day when everything went wrong.

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The Day When Everything Went Wrong
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