The Critical Success Factors to Send an Appropriate Marketing Message

 Consumers over the age of 50 comprise a significant portion of today’s total national consumer count, between approximately 12.2 and 18.2 percent of the population in the United Kingdom and the United States (Henslin, 2003). These percentages are projected to grow dramatically as more consumers approach the age of 50, and while older consumers are experiencing longer lifespan estimates.

Research indicates that most older consumers in Westernised cultures maintain substantial difficulty in applying the label of “old” to themselves, suggesting that today’s marketing tactics should be not be focused around terms such as senior citizen, golden years, sunset years, or even the word aged (Norton, 2007). In fact, a sizeable boom in the over-50 group’s consumption of anti-aging products and products designed to preserve health and youth is on a steady rise (Tenser, 2006). What this suggests is that today 50+ consumer remains less focused around aging issues, but believes in a “new old” philosophy, highlighting a less stereotypical attitude toward growing old.

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The Critical Success Factors to Send an Appropriate Marketing Message
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Despite these changing attitudes, Crawford (2006) offers that today’s over-50 group is “mad as hell” because they are not being represented (or represented appropriately) by today’s marketers. Of further importance, today over-50 consumer is recognized as a group with minimal brand loyalty and does not often reflect a commitment to any single brand (50+ Power, 2004). If the over-50 consumer group displays no brand loyalty, the process of creating a customized marketing message for this market segment can be a difficult task

It is crucial, therefore, to perform marketing research to uncover today’s 50+ consumer attitudes regarding their roles in society, as well as measuring lifestyle and behavior characteristics, in order to effectively market to this growing demographic group. Since today’s aging consumer believes they are grossly under-represented in the product. advertising, there is likely a better strategy to create customized messages which will be widely received by this potential market.

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